12 October 2012

The Sponge Cats' Truck

In the morning, we made a truck for the Sponge Cats.
We were planning to give them Aloo Bhujia, but we decided to make a truck first.

When we finished the truck, it was lunchtime, so we went in to have lunch.
Then there was some problem with the truck wheels, so we decided to redo the bottom part of the truck. 

We were working on that until it was time for tiffin.

 After tiffin, they got some nimbu-pani.

Thatha Cat decided to have the most since he kept missing meals earlier.

After they finished the nimbu-pani, we showed the the renovated truck.

When we finished giving them a ride in the truck, it had already become too late to give them the Aloo Bhujia.

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