12 October 2012

The Sponge Cats' Aloo Bhujia

Look who's coming!

It's the Sponge Cats!

And what are they carrying?

Aloo Bhujia!

They are going to go on a picnic.

We had to pull the truck very slowly, because Thatha Cat's also coming along, and he can't handle so much jerking.

They have found a picnic-spot!

Thatha Cat's taken an extra helping because earlier he kept missing the meals that the other Sponge Cats had.

But Bhujia isn't the only thing they are having. They also have...


...and plums!

Now the picnic is over...

The only things left are the crumbs of Bhujia and the drops of Thair.

But even before the Sponge Cats reach home, the ants have already started clearing it up.

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