27 October 2013


Somebody broke into our house when we were away in Bangalore

First, the milkman found our ladder leaning against the roof of our house.
He went closer, and found that a few tiles had been neatly taken off and put carefully on the side.

There was nothing much in the hall, anyway: we had moved most of the stuff like the computer, toys and bikes to the guest-room.

Then, he called someone else who used to be our milkman.
They went around to the back and saw that the guest-room window had been shattered. The thieves had gotten in there as well!


A few days later, Pulippo and Appa went back home. Hippo and S'na were staying back in Bangalore.

When they reached back, they found that the cupboard in the guest-room had been opened, but luckily the silver stuff that had been kept inside was still there.

S'na's paints from the desk were found outside near where the papaya-tree was.

THEN, they began finding stuff that actually were missing...

All the pens and pencils from the house had gone, as well as all the knives from the kitchen. 

The pens and pencils were from everywhere in the house: even the ballpen that was tied to the library records book had gone. Now we only have a pen-cap there.

After that, they found that Mungecunge has been kidnapped.

Mungecunge sitting in the Flyer with Spongecunge
 All the சுட்டி விகடன் models and the other boxes had been dropped from the top of the cupboard.

Everything had come out from the boxes and were scattered on the floor.

And Mungecunge was nowhere to be found.

Here's a picture of the whole family when they had just got their new truck.

The desk had been opened, and some of the stuff from inside had been taken out and scattered.


Mr. Congoose from near the kitchen clock was missing...

...and so were the screwdriver and Sirikit from the kitchen cabinet. 

The toy dinosaurs that Viji Athai and Sudhir Uncle had given are nowhere to be found.

(I manage to find this picture on the internet)
The archosaurs in the picture, listed clockwise starting from the middle, are: Stego, Small Styraco, Ovi, Corytho, Tyranno, Ankylo, Brachio,Veloci, Ptera, Stauriko, Small Allo, and Pary.

The big dinosaurs were also missing, all except three of them. So were the egg-dinosaurs, Cerato and Amarga.

(This picture is also from the internet)

The Animals from the Animal Bag are also gone, but they might be buried somewhere in the mess.

The board-games are scattered all over the room, but they seem to be all still there. So is the Potato Head memory-game.

The Chess set box has been opened, but none of the pieces are missing (except the ones that already were).

the papaya tree.
The White Cupboard had also been opened and re-closed.

Most of the things from inside are there, though


All those can be got again if we need to.

But we also lost something which will be very difficult to get.

It is...

...the 1:32 scale model of the JCB that Thatha got when he happened to meet someone from the company. 

The person had been gifting the JCB to the principal or somebody, and Thatha said that "my grandchildren are also interested in these earth-movers and things. Can you get one for me also?"
The person said that "yes! Actually, I happen to have an extra copy with me here!"

And we got it...

And so, now all we have is a big, yellow box with the JCB logo on it.
On the side, it says: 

style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"
Scale 1:32

The thieves are not going to know to what scale that model JCB was built.

The dinosaur pictures were found from the Internet. I had to do a lot of image-search to get them. The pictures of the other things that were lost are old photos that were already taken long (or not so long)  ago, as is the first open-desk picture. The mess-pictures were all taken by Pulippo and sent to Hippo to look at and upload. See if you can spot the full picture where Mr. Congoose was taken from: it'll come in one of the  ¿ƃuıʞooɔ s,ʇɐɥʍ posts. If you want to read more about the robbery, see The posts can be found here and here.

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