21 November 2007

The boy,the monkey,and the dog that came in between

Once there was a boy,and a monkey the monkey had a mango,the boy said we will share it.The monkey said OK.The boy took all the pulp and gave the monkey the seed.Then a dog came and buried the seed.Soon a tree grew and the boy and the monkey had many mangoes to eat,and they were very happy.The dog got many seeds to bury,and it was also happy.

02 October 2007

A flea and a bee-a poem

A flea and a bee went to the sea,
A frog and a dog sat on a log
Mr cat sat on a mat
got up,and shook it like this, like that.
The flea and the bee that went to the sea,
had some honey with Mr bunny.
The frog and the dog that sat on a log,
Turned round a bend and thats the end!
by Badri Hippo