03 December 2012

No posts

Sorry, there were no posts for some time because the Telecom fibre-optic cable kept getting cut due to construction work for the Velalapatty water supply.

But that's not why I said Sorry. I said Sorry because this post doesn't have any pictures.


12 October 2012

Crazy Computer

When we are going to leave the house empty for a long time, we always move it into the guest-room.
But what happened this time?!

Bagli's Ball

Finally we found Bagli's Ball!

Hippo's Birthday 2012

In came the snake

But it didn't came on any ordinary day.

The Sponge Cats' Aloo Bhujia

Look who's coming!

The Sponge Cats' Truck

In the morning, we made a truck for the Sponge Cats.
We were planning to give them Aloo Bhujia, but we decided to make a truck first.

17 September 2012

Borewell Rig

What is this Food?


Thatha and Patti

Ants and Flies

Once, in the dry season, we suddenly saw lots of...

...dead ants on the floor!

I was reading James and the Giant Peach that day. When I finished, I came out to the front verandah and heard a buzzing sound.

Later, S'na came out, and saw...

Lots of flies on the wall! And they weren't the type that we normally find here–they were darker, like...

Bagli between Fingers

17 July 2012

Searching for the Lizard

I went with Chutty and Pulippo to try and find the big lizard that we saw while going to the stream (see this post). We played The Tron Explorers on the way. You can read the comic in Sirius.

Dipodo's Hill

Near the stream

(you can't see the stream; don't look for it)

Climbing up to the Towering Rock

...but we didn't find the lizard

Mr.Potato Head

Mostly Harmless

Notice something?

01 July 2012

Mango Milkshake


One night we had a feast.

What did we have?

Ghee (with ants),

Arasi and Urad Appalam
and Koththavarangai vaththal

Thair/Curd (obviously),

Train Manga,





Ganesan's Chappati Mix

...That's what we had!

The name "Ganesan's Chappati Mix" (and the item itself) was made by Appa