18 October 2013

¿ƃuıʞooɔ s,ʇɐɥʍ [day one]

Appa and S'na had both gone to Bangalore
so Hippo and Pulippo were left alone at home
and they had to cook.

This is what happened on the first day....

We were already awake in the morning
when Appa and S'na went.

 The first thing we did was to boil the

and feed the

Arrieteasle wasn't there, so we only fed Rumpleteaser.

After that, we made some aloo bhaja for lunch.

and put off the aduppu

The rice had already been cooked.

For tiffin, we decided to try making...

...fried eggs!

Only, the yolk was a bit


Anyway, it was edible.

Hippo was doing a bit of Sirius after tiffin.

Then, in the evening, we started

so we could have an early dinner.

First, we made the...

...tomato pachhadi.

We made a bit too much so....

...we gave some to the cat!

Then we started frying the

to have with the

We used the...

...electric kettle
to heat the water
to put on the noodles.


Rumpleteaser doesn't like tomatoes.

Finally, the noodles were ready.
We had managed it exactly on time!

We quickly

and were almost starting to eat
when suddenly

We talked to Viji Athai and Sudhir Uncle for so long

that by the time we finished it was

and the current had gone.

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  1. I guess the noodles were just as good cold!